Photo Credit: Oscar Moreno

Photo Credit: Oscar Moreno


Cooper Greenberg is a guitarist and singer-songwriter based out of San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Influenced by a wide array of artists, songwriters, and genres, his writing style combines intricate, guitar-driven melodies with personal, storytelling lyrics. Over the past several years, Cooper’s performing has brought him through some of Texas’ most historic and beloved venues, from the small stages of Austin’s 6th Street and San Antonio’s St. Mary’s Strip, to platforms as large as The Kerrville Folk Festival. Cooper has been chosen as a featured artist on Fretmonkey Records (Arkansas), performed for Texas Public Radio's "Worth Repeating" and “TPR Live” series, and often works with San Antonio’s Alamo Music Center as an online presence for musical instrument reviews, which have garnered over 350,000 views in total. He also placed 1st in the San Antonio Guitar Wars. In December 2016, Cooper released his debut EP "Wave Pool,” and a full band follow-up, “Dream Sequence” in 2018, recorded at Matador Recording Studios.

Located below is an excerpt from the San Antonio Current’s coverage of “Dream Sequence.” To read the full review, click here.

Also below is an excerpt from Divide & Conquer’s 4 Star Review of “Dream Sequence.” To read the review, click here.

The songs on Dream Sequence are meticulous without seeming overwrought, thoughtful and poignant without coming off as self-serious and lush without devolving into stifling opulence. The lyrics are earnest and original, dealing with the trials, tribulations and point of view that Greenberg — a 22-year-old who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin this year — calls his own…

…In style and genre, the tunes range from (and sometimes blend) folk, jazz, blues, pop-rock and country, with Greenberg’s versatile voice and estimable guitar prowess anchoring it all. In turns soulful, twangy, jangly and aching, Greenberg sounds on Dream Sequence like Sturgill Simpson meets Dave Matthews meets simmering Texas midnight music. The album is slinky, sexy and smooth, alternately lit in washes of sun and moon. It’s a highly-replayable folk/country album that is as much for cool mountain mornings as it is for smoky old palaces of frustration and longing.
— James Courtney, San Antonio Current
Production wise, Dream Sequence truly shines with all the instruments coming off so well mixed and mastered, it’s not hard to tell that Cooper is in good company. Also, it’s was definitely easy to hear that Greenberg has got what it takes to go far. With his vocal chops, phenomenal guitar playing and likable name, I wouldn’t be surprised if the world hears more from this Texan real, real soon.
— Jay Freeman, Divide and Conquer